Monday, July 25, 2011

I am Hispanic AND a Republican

I am a first generation Cuban American born and raised in Miami now living in Marietta, Georgia for the last five years. I am a God-fearing Christian. I am anti-abortion. I am fiscally conservative. I support free market capitalism even with some of its inherent flaws. I believe in limited government. I believe in a strong military. The flag flies in my home every single day of the year. I believe America is exceptional…not because of our military power, but because of the people from all walks of life who have emigrated from different countries and come here for the freedom and opportunity to become whoever they want to be. I am anti-Communist. I am anti-Socialist. I am a Republican.

I believe in self-reliance. I believe in compassion and support for those in need to help get them on their feet, however not to be their legs AND feet forever. I am anti-union. I think unions may have served their purpose for worker’s rights a long time ago, but today they serve no purpose other than destroying companies like Eastern Airlines and the auto manufacturers for their own greed. I support Entitlement Reform – we have no choice since the numbers do not add up. I believe that while we have the best physicians and hospitals in the world, our healthcare delivery system is broken. I am anti-Obamacare. I believe competition makes everything more efficient, affordable and better. I support the Fair Tax. I abhor the IRS. I am a Republican.

So, why is it that I can have all of these views and be considered a strong conservative Republican, yet have the following views and be considered a RINO???

I support secure borders. Not just to the south, but to the north as well. I support Comprehensive Immigration Reform. I support the DREAM Act. I believe E-Verify is government intrusion into business. I believe in a guest worker program. I believe the Republican Party is making a HUGE mistake with the Immigration issue. I am Hispanic, Latino, Cuban. I am a Republican.

Why is it that as a Republican, we need to agree with everything the Republican Party says or does? And if we don’t you are considered an operative for the Democratic Party or some George Soros-led organization. This is a microcosm of today’s all-or-nothing society. You are either with me or you are against me; and if you are not with me I am picking up my toys and am going home after I insult you. By the way, the Democratic Party is no different – actually, they are quite worse. But that is for someone else to worry about. I am a Republican.

You can be all of these things and have these beliefs and still be a Republican -- they should not be mutually exclusive. So, until there is a political party that has ALL of these core principles that I espoused including Comprehensive Immigration Reform, I am a Republican no matter what the Tea Party says.

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