Saturday, December 11, 2010

Rapid Fire Randomness Vol 1...Music Edition

Satellite Radio rocks...but it confirms I have least when it comes to music.

Listening to a Counting Crows song on said Satellite Radio and thinking how the hell did the lead singer hook up with Courtney Cox AND Jennifer Anniston...I'd be really pissed if I found out it was at the same time!!

So SIRI goes up b/c the rumor is Howard Stern is re-upping for 5 more years or something like that...who cares? It's not like he's made a big difference either way -- SIRI is still burning cash...but I do LOVE my Satellite Radio!

Speaking of cash...Am I the only one who never has any on me? Ever. Maria thinks so. Please help me with this argument...I'm not lazy, am I???

I've used my debit card to buy gum and a bottle of water at the gas station on more than one occasion...well, it does cost over $1 now for a pack of gum you know...

On a side note, however, it is a good way to get cash back somewhere without having to pay the $2 charge at a non-account ATM...unless you are a BOA customer...those ATM's are everywhere.

If anyone ever decides to make a Layne Staley or Alice In Chains biopic I have the perfect guy to play him in the movie...

Freddie Kruger, aka Robert Englund! Right?! Tell me he is not a doppelganger for Layne Staley.

What a waste Layne Staley was, because Alice In Chains rocked!!

Speaking of wasted favorite Nirvana song is Come As You Are; Lithium is right behind...1A and 1B.

So, I was very disappointed to find out that Mumford & Sons are not Irish...can't you picture sitting in an Irish pub -- in Ireland of course -- watching them play? Perfect. But, At least they are not French!

I really fucked it up this time, didn't I my dear? Didn't I my dear?

Speaking of the Irish...I hope UM beats them down...although I will admit I am not very confident -- these current players at the U are soft.

Ireland is on my bucket list of places I have to visit before I die...

One of my top-5 all time favorite guitarists because of his unique sound and style is from an Irish band, although he is not surprisingly (again)...The Edge. Plus, it's a pretty cool name for a guitarist.

BTW, The Unforgettable Fire is one of my all-time favorites. Very underrated. Extremely so.

Rounding out the top five in no particular order: Alex Lifeson (RUSH), Robert Smith (The Cure), Andy Summers (The Police), Eddie Van Halen (duh?).

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