Monday, July 13, 2009

"Too much information running through my brain".

"Too much information driving me insane". The Police had it right way back then. "Overkill. Overview. Over my dead body. Over me. Over you. Over everybody." Facebook. Twitter. LinkedIn. Blogs. DirecTV. CNN. MSNBC. Online. 24/7 news. Blackberry. iPhone. Overkill. Overview. Over my dead body. Michael Jackson this, Michael Jackson that...

I was thinking about this as I was updating my Facebook status on my Blackberry while simultaneously receiving a Tweet from a Sales Blog I follow after checking my portfolio on Fidelity Mobile on my BB. Every second of every day we are bombarded with information -- most of it useless. And the scary thing is that it is getting worse. If you really want to freak out go rent "Eagle Eye" with Shia Lebouf if you haven't seen it yet. I saw it on HBO on Sunday night before True Blood. My feeling is that if this stuff isn't going on already, it will soon. Scary stuff. Very scary.

The thing about information in today's world is that it seems to take a life of its own. People throw shit out to see what sticks and nobody bothers to even verify anything anymore. Garbage in; garbage out. Nevertheless, I admit that I am in information addict. (At least I have taken the first step and admitted I have a problem). I don't have enough time to read everything I want to read on the Internet. I subscribe to way too much shit. My work and my family time have gotten in the way of my WSJ Online, ESPN Page 2, HealthLeaders, Inc., Fast Company, Food Network and Food & Wine (some culture is necessary). Who has time to live an uncaffeinated life anymore??? And football practice is starting soon...Carajo!

Seriously though...No, seriously. The great thing about information and the Internet specifically, is it allows us the ability to go back in time for "gotcha" moments. Particularly gotcha moments with politicians...(You didn't think that this blog posting was not going to somehow be about politics, did ya??? It always comes back to politics). Not only can you go back and read what some politician (usually a Liberal) said during specific issues, but you can actually see what they said on YouTube. Gotcha! I love it! Which, brings me to the issue at hand that has me boiling -- more stimulus by the government. I cannot for the life of me believe that they are already talking about another stimulus. For the one or two of you who are so kind and must have no life that follow my blog, you know how I felt about the "stimulus" that was slammed down our throats like a cheap bottle of tequila earlier this year. People also know I voted for the "other guy", or the lesser of two evils -- but boy, they ain't even in the same time zone. Funny thing what VP Joe Biden said recently that the administration misread how bad the economy was and how effective the stimulus would be. Ya think??? What happened to the Chinese math that was used to justify the stimulus that for every dollar spent it would yield $1.50 in growth. Really?

Read this for some sobering news. How do you think I feel now? How's that workin' out for everyone now??? So another (more) stimulus is the answer? We don't even know how we are going to pay for the first one amongst the many other things we have been spending taxpayer money on, like the auto companies, banks, AIG, etc. And to top it off...government healthcare! $1 Trillion later for that alone, which you know how terrible the government is at estimating anything. How will we pay for that? Good 'ol Rangel has the answer.

Here is my pledge...screw Obama and his administration and Congress. No benefit of the doubt. No, "let's give him a chance", "he's our President now and needs our support". Screw it! And screw all of them. Change is a coming...

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