Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Reading between the lines...

I don't know how many of you have noticed the small nuances in how President Obama has "changed" in how he describes certain situations, programs or promises. One that has recently come up on a few occasions and most recently when he was talking about his $3.55 Trillion (who's counting anymore) budget proposal, or whatever expletive you want to call it -- I have a few -- is when he describes energy independence. During the primaries and presidential election he spoke about green jobs, climate change and generally how terrible black energy (oil and coal) is to the environment. As President and during his recent press conference on the aforementioned budget, he said "Our future depends on our ability to break free from oil that is controlled by foreign dictators..." This is exactly how President Bush and Sarah Palin described energy independence. They said it because we import 70% of our oil at a cost of $700 billion per year from countries that don't like us very much, i.e., Saudi Arabia and Venezuela specifically; and we have it in our own country but are unable to drill for it. So my question to President Obama is if it would be okay if it weren't controlled by foreign dictators? That is essentially what he is saying by that statement right?

Does it not make sense to explore and develop our energy needs in our own country? We have natural gas, huge shale deposits, and oil in our oceans that can be extracted with current technology. We can create energy jobs that will develop energy TODAY. I think to depend on technology that currently does not exist for energy that may or may not work and to hang your hat solely on that is a huge mistake. Having the government be responsible for dictating future energy sources is a gamble that we cannot afford to take. Case in point is the hype of ethanol from corn. Remember, how that was the next big thing and how that was going to save our importing of oil??? How did that turn out? More energy and natural resources (water and corn) were required to develop ethanol than anybody talked about while hyping it as the next big thing. What happened to food prices as a result of corn prices skyrocketing? Farmers started to replace their food crops with corn crops for the development of ethanol. It is elementary economics -- supply and demand.

I believe that in order for us to be truly energy independent is to explore in our own country today and to provide incentives for the development of future energy sources like solar, wind, hydrogen and biofuels for tomorrow -- and let the marketplace determine what is best, not the government. It shouldn't be an all or nothing proposition. The Democrats (liberals) do not want to drill in our own country and the Republicans only want to drill. This is another reason why I despise this two-party corrupt system. It's either "all-in" or "fold"; yes or no; drill, baby drill or green energy only. I am tired of narrow minded, short-sighted politicians where every decision is political and based on their next re-election. Unfortunately 85% of this country are idiots and do not realize it's one big sham (or scam); or even scarier, don't care as long as they get theirs.

I propose a movement -- a grassroots movement, to take back OUR country and have true representation like our founding fathers envisioned and sacrificed so much for. If you care about your country and where it seems to be going (not good), and if you want government to get out of the way please join me. We are in a delicate time right now where every day brings us more bad news. How do you think Castro and Chavez came into power? With promises that they would end the corruption and give back to the people, among other things. The government was their savior. Sounding familiar? Check out this article.

Stand up and let your voice be heard. Scream if you have to...you probably will have to because nobody is listening and nobody cares anymore.

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