Friday, October 31, 2008

TGFF...Random ramblings

Happy Halloween! It is really frightening what all the pundits are saying...but I digress -- I will keep it lighthearted today!

TGFF is not Thank God For Friday -- even though today happens to be Friday. It stands for Thank God For Facebook!!!!!!! I don't know about you guys but FB is addictive -- it's like crack. One try and your hooked! lol! I have reconnected with a childhood friend who left my neighborhood where I grew up and where my parents still live. He left almost 25 years ago to Puerto Rico to live with his dad (his parents are divorced). I had seen him a few times when he visited Miami a long time ago but it has been many years since we last saw each other. He found me on FB. I've also connected with old friends from high school, plus the ability to communicate with people I still see or talk to on the phone has been great too.

It's so cool to try and find someone and see if they are on FB and when you do it is like whoa! And when you don''s like -- what's wrong with you??? why aren't you on FB??? Get with it! The other thing about FB is that it is competitive. My wife has a FB page and she wants to see how many Friends I have and compares it to how many he she has. Secretly, we all want more than our spouse, our friends, children (impossible), etc. Don't we??? Or is it just me? It becomes so competitive that you send out Friend Requests to people you hardly even knew or spoke to in school (going back to Elementary school -- probably even PK!!!) And you'll accept anyone who sends one to you -- even if you don't know who they are! Ha! I have more than you, nani, nani, boo, boo!

So, if you wanna find me, Facebook me. I will be Facebooking whenever I can. Heck, I don't sleep at night thinking who wrote on my wall today. I even have Facebook Mobile...I told you it's like crack!

Speaking of crack...I miss the ability to drive anywhere at anytime of the day regardless of the temperature outside (usually very hot) and have a cafecito or a cortadito. That's one of the things I miss about Miami. Pulling up to La Carreta on 87th Avenue or Versailles on 8th St was always a trip. Not only could you get a pastelito de guayaba and a cortadito, but you could always get a life lesson from all of the old men (and sometimes not so old) talking about the good ol' days in Cuba and how everyone had a maid. And more importantly, how they would solve all of today's ills. That was awesome!

Living in Marietta, GA now and dealing with cold weather already I wish I could grab a cafe con leche and a tostada of pan cubano...mmmmmm. Looking back, why the heck would I have a shot of cuban coffee at 3pm when it was 97 degrees outside and 95% humidity???

Speaking of cold is so crazy that this morning when I woke up to take Tristan and Ethan to school it was 37 degrees. 37 friggin' degrees. What's even crazier is that by 3pm it will be 68 degrees!! Por eso se enferman la gente!! You put on 3 layers of things to only have to take them all off after lunch and then inevitably leave your jacket at school with all of the other jackets left from previous days from all of the other kids. I saw a table that must have had enough jackets in "lost and found" to clothe a third world country. We can redistribute our jackets to those that don't have them -- had to get an Obama dig somewhere.

Here's another for all you Obama Kool-Aid drinkers...

Be Careful What You Wish For...You Just Might Get It!!!

Happy Halloween!! See you on Facebook! Think of me when you are having your cafecito today at 3pm.

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